Taron calling Hartwin fanvid “quite weird”, let pro Colin Firth…

Taron calling Hartwin fanvid “quite weird”, let pro Colin Firth tell you how he feels about Hartwin.

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An excerpt of a review of Kingsman: The Golden Circle

The Statesman may be great technological inventors, but that apparently hasn’t allowed them to pioneer tracking device technology in an major way. During the film’s most uncomfortable — and, quite frankly, most confusing — sequence, Eggsy targets the ditzy girlfriend of the baddie who went after him during the film’s opening, the sole lead in a case gone cold, implanting her with a tracking device that can only be pushed into her bloodstream via vaginal insertion. Have the Statesmen never heard of a needle? Popping a pill in some food, like you’d do with a sneaky pet? Just not shoving things up people’s private parts in service to an already flat-footed narrative device?

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I hope it is not the idea from the female cowriter Jane Goldman. Is this the way they answer the criticism about the first movie?